The Siren Song of Kubernetes

Admit it: haven’t you seen the projects yourself, which built a great website or product, and then spent months to ready it for containers and the cloud?

This promising startup, which lost all the momentum, once the team of 3 started to focus full-time on Kubernetes? (K8s for friends.) Only because that’s how you do it these days?

There’s been so much wasted opportunity in recent years. The live of any company depends on real customers, real people, and their real needs and desires.

Docker is great, but it’s only the first half of the answer. You need orchestration, and everyone knows K8s is what the grown-ups use. K8s is all about abstracting away the servers, this physical, unnerving thing, and only ever deal with an abstract plane of compute. Just like a mathematical concept. Pure and eternal.

So there’s a specific pull, too attractive for many engineers. We have to resist. Many times you ain’t gonna need it, for quite some time. Rather build what the users want and ship.