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I’m a software engineer and independent consultant. The last two years I’ve been consulting CTO of two startups, one from food delivery and from automotive industries in the automotive space.

I have more than 15 years for experience in software engineering. Things I’m good at:

Turn around a project

Join a project that has a large code base and is in trouble, and move it slowly but surely back to a place where it’s reliable and extensible.

Set up shop

Start the basic infrastructure with minimum effort, pick the right tools and services to run a system efficiently and with maximum reliability and performance, including collaboration tools necessary for remote work.

Integrate more than one API reliably

If your system has to work against multiple APIs, that’s a hard problem: what to do if one of the operations fail? While it’s hard to achieve perfection, there are solid ways to handle the 99.99% of cases correctly, so that support can easily deal with the rest.

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Preferred technologies right now:

I’ve worked quite a bit with Objective-C, on both mobile and desktop, but would opt for Flutter for many mobile uses now, because it’s cross-platform.

I use reactive programming, and have used ReactiveCocoa for successful mobile apps.

My approach

I’m going out of my comfort zone in order to grow. In the last few years, I used cold-calling, cold-email, extensive customer research interviews, as well as plain sales, for my own products. I’ve become successful in all these areas eventually.

… and Experience

I’ve done Technical Due Diligence, from both perspectives, subject and examiner.

I’ve done product design and UX in the past years, for individual features or entire products, using mostly Keynote, Sketch, and Invision.

I’ve built up and managed small teams and their tool chain for effectively working remotely.

In the adtech space I helped build a whole system from the ground up, as second engineer on the team, and subsequently brought it to the point where it was acquired, as one of the biggest German transactions in that year.

I’m happy to work with you if we’re a good fit, and my schedule permits. Send me an email or fill in this form. I respond within 24 hrs.

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