While working on another project written in NodeJS, I had to parse command line options. Confident that must be solved problem, I hopped over to NPM and looked at the two most popular options.

Admit it: haven’t you seen the projects yourself, which built a great website or product, and then spent months to ready it for containers and the cloud?

What is docker? Silly question to ask, you might say, in 2022.

I’ve always been a bit weary of containerization, ever since coming across Docker the first time professionally, in maybe 2013.

I have given this lecture quite a few times already. Many times before I had written Keys, my application which aims to teach you typing. But it’s so important, so bear with me. I mean I even wrote this whole typing application to help people achieve better typing. Some background on your author: I learned typing when I was 36, and I can manage!

Keys App Icon Today I’m happy to announce Keys, a Mac application that I’ve created that helps you to learn touch typing properly. It is in the App Store now, since a couple of days. Most of the people I’ve showed it to were quite enthusiastic about it, which was really gratifying after so much work that went into it.