Why you need to learn typing

I have given this lecture quite a few times already. Many times before I had written Keys, my application which aims to teach you typing. But it’s so important, so bear with me. I mean I even wrote this whole typing application to help people achieve better typing. Some background on your author: I learned typing when I was 36, and I can manage!

Most people I deal with fall into one of two categories: they (a) know to type already. Fine. But then there is (b), those who don’t type with ten fingers, but are “really fast and it is almost without looking”. No really! Quite fast. I hear you. You still need to learn to type.

There is something that makes people ignore the fact that they can’t type and that also at the same time makes them believe that it was OK. It probably has to do to with an innate instict to forgive oneself, and that is probably great and a blessing. It probably servers mankind very well in many undertakings, and in survival in general. But here you need to realize that you should do something about your skills needed for everyday work.

There is a difference between typing quite fast and touch typing, and it’s hard to overestimate it. How do I know? I was in that group in denial myself, until only four years ago.

This is the thing: it is not a small gradual difference between proper typing and “really fast typing with many, but not all fingers” and then constantly backspacing to where you made that mistake, so that in the end you write everything twice. Here is the structure of what happens while writing:

So the conclusion is this: of that what you write, probably a majority is bad. You need a lot to select and filter from, and the faster you write, the more of your ideas you can review and the more possibly make the cut. The more you can write before your ideas get tired, the more you can collect your thoughts and put them to good use later. And I think the world needs your ideas, so learn to type. So grab some typing trainer software and get this project started.